Bespoke Music made Just for You

Tailor-made Piano: Learn the music you want

Often people want to play something that, at that time is a little too difficult for them. Playing something too slowly, resulting in frustration and dejection no longer needs to be the case. Using music production software I make simplified versions of songs for beginners and then create more advanced editions of the songs once their technique enables it.

As long as I can find a recording of the song or piece I am able to make it. I have created hundreds of versions and editions of music ranging from nursery rhymes and musicals to hymns and nu-metal.

Here are a few examples of Gershwin’s ‘Summertime’ I have created in the past. Each version becomes slightly more difficult according to the ability of the student.

Summertime Easy

Summertime Quite Easy

Summertime Quite Hard


Intermediate Blues July 2013

Following on from the basic blues this guide teaches new techniques and allows you to develop ideas based on the things I play. Click here for the youtube playlist.

Basic Blues June 2013

This short guide of tutorial videos is designed to teach the basics techniques of playing the blues. There is no sheet music to accompany. Learn each video by heart from the playlist.

Silent Night December 2012

As I learnt to play the piano without music, I prefer to teach by ear. Follow the youtube link to listen to different arrangements of the Christmas Carol ‘Silent Night’. Sheet music is available for the non-jazzy versions.

Grade 1 Silent Night free sheet music

Grade 2 Silent Night free sheet music

Grade 3 Silent Night free sheet music

Grade 4 Silent Night free sheet music

Grade 5 Silent Night free sheet music

Grade 6 Silent Night free sheet music

For the improvised versions I use different techniques of left hand. These techniques can be adapted to fit most pieces of music.