Popular Piano

Learn to play your favourite song on the piano

Many students would rather play pop / rock songs than classical music. Books are available to teach this, but they often over-simplify songs making them a poor imitation of the original or are too difficult to follow. I am able to provide sheet music tailored to each student’s ability and also can teach music by ear or chord symbols. I also teach people how to adapt music written for a band to solo piano.

Where possible I teach people to play by ear, or try to make the most of whatever ability they have for this. I also use a different form of music notation based on chords. This is not only easier to pick up than traditional sheet music, but also allows greater freedom when performing.

Please listen to examples of popular piano from the list below. All are requests I’ve received from pupils over the years:


Hallelujah – Leonard Cohen

In The End – Linkin Park

The Simpsons Theme – Danny Elfman

Lady Madonna – The Beatles

Dr Who Theme – Ron Grainer